Polished by time to become timeless.

Kòu Jewellery Since 2016.

Kòu 的每一件飾物,都是給靈魂的詩句。隨時光荏苒,它們擁抱生長出的意義,也允許日復一日的使用堆疊最個人化的絮語。Kòu 的極簡設計裡,有著唯獨時間能打磨出的永恆。

婚戒支線 — Kòu Pledge,載錄了關於相遇的魔法。佇立最重要的誓言面前、掂起腳尖窺視前方,那風景大概如印象派畫作,水融融又斑斕無比。Kòu Pledge 不只為典禮而存在,更能註記彼此一瞬的心情,在平凡日常慢慢播映。

Each jewellery made by Kòu, portrays a poem written to the soul. It adores meaning when time goes by, from the daily use itself becoming a touch that's personalized. Kòu delivers minimal works that are made to be polished by time, therefore becoming timeless.

The wedding ring collection - Kòu Pledge, brings the magic of the encounter together. Standing right in front of the vow, peeking marriage from a distance, impressionism paintings could best describe the view. From here, the ring is no longer just for the ceremony. But an all-time reminder of affection.